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16 Migrant workers fines almost NT$ 1 million for violating the Animal Protection Act

Killing and eating dogs is highly prohibited in Taiwan.Hence,dozen of Vietnamese migrant workers in Central Taiwan got fined a combined of NT$ 1 million for killing and eating a dog, according to the latest court ruling.

Late of December 2019 when a ruling issued for four Vietnamese men all employed by the water treatment plant in Fengyuan District,Taichung City - killed a black dog on October 25, 2018 and served it up on a meal to 12 other Vietnamese including Nguyen Van Ban,Trinh Cong Tuong,Hang Van Dien and Nguyen Dinh Thi.

Local police and animal protection officials upon received a report conducted an investigation to the place where in the slaughtered dog was took place.The offenders was then held liable of being a creminal breach of the Animal Protection Act.

The 16 Vietnamese workers was said to have been informed beforehand by labor workers that killing and eating of dog's meat is not allowed in Taiwan.Henceworth,officials also had implemented an increased of penalties for whoever may violate the said act.


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