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500 Chinese tourists who arrived in Kalibo, Aklan will be sent back to China

An Aviation official said last Friday that almost 500 Chinese tourists who arrived in Kalibo, Aklan will be transported back to their country in the Chinese city this week. China is the country where the coronavirus has begun.

Civil Aviation Board Executive Director Carmelo Arcilla said that Royal Air Charter and Pan Pacific Airline will send the Chinese tourists back to Wuhan on Friday night, Saturday and Monday.

CNN reported that the three cities in central China are under lockdown due to deadly viruses that have reached parts of Asia and the United States.

Aklan Provincial Health Officer Cornelio Cuachon said Friday that the 135 tourists from China arrived in the Philippines last Thursday before the authorities announced it will suspend flights to and from Wuhan. None of them was quarantined and show symptoms of the virus. But he said if the international passengers from China feel they got flu they advised to see a doctor.

World Health Organization declared that the coronavirus is the deadly virus that killed 25 people and more than 800 infected in China. Coronavirus can be spread between animals and humans or from humans to humans.


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