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A NT$300,000 fined was imposed to a Taiwanese after failure to report his case with confirmed Wuhan Corona Virus

The Centers for Disease Control of Taiwan has listed the 2019 Novel Corona Virus into a category 5 communicable disease. Meaning all hospitals around the country should report all suspected and quarantine cases to the authority or else they will be fined an amount ranging to NT$2 million.

The Kaohsiung City's Health Department fined a Taiwanese businessman for not reporting to the authorities that he has symptoms of the 2019 Novel Corona Virus before arriving in the country.

The Taiwanese had visited in Wuhan China is the third among with confirmed Wuhan Corona Virus. And before arriving last January 21, he did not report his health condition. He even went to into a club and mingle with the people out there. And it found out that one female worker from the club has been suspected of having a 2019-nCov.

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese Businessman will be fined an amount of NT$300,000 for violating the law under the Act of Communicable Disease Control.

The said club has been closed for 2 days for disinfection and all people who mingle with him will be monitored until February 5. According to the City Health Department.


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