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An Outbreak of mysterious disease feared to spread out of China

The Chinese health department is not yet aware of the prevalent mysterious strain of pneumonia affecting many people and other Asian countries where it is currently being alerted, though some are thinking that a return  Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome virus or SARS.

According to a statement by Wuhan Municipal Health Commission on Sunday, a total of 59 cases of unidentified viral pneumonia were reported in the city of Wuhan, Central China where seven patients were in critical condition.  And all patients continue to be treated in quarantines and no one has been reported to die as a result.

According to the WHO or World Health Organization, a pneumonia has fever symptoms in which a number of patients experience difficulty breathing, and chest radiographs show invasive lesions in the same lungs.

The outbreak of the virus occurred in late December which has alarmed China over the possible return of the SARS virus.  It is a severe respiratory disease that first reported in 2002 that caused an epidemic in Asia.

The SARS virus has spread to 37 countries around the world, infecting over 8000 people and killing 774 from November 2002 to July 2003. The disease is carried by a coronavirus that includes symptoms such as fever, cough , severe headache, flu, dizziness and other illness complaints.

Despite growing turmoil, Wuhan authorities said last week that they were not separating the possibility of SARS, Middle East Respiratory Sydrome (MERS) and Bird flu.

According to the Wuhan Health Commission, the infection started between December 12 and December 29 among affected patients working in the seafood markets in the city.

Local media reported that the market closed on January 1 for disinfection.  Other living animals such as birds, rabbits, and snakes are also being sold, which is thought to be a spreading virus that can be transmitted from humans to animals.

According to Professor David Hui Shu-cheong a respiratory expert at the Chinese University of Hong Kong he said it is likely that the virus that is currently spreading is a new pneumonia virus that has not yet to be named.


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