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Biggest Philippine Coast Guard Ship arrived in Middle East

The BRP Gabriela Silang(the biggest vessels of PCG) send to the Middle East to help the OFWs repatriation due to the tensions arising between US and Iran.

On Super Rady dzBB on Saturday, PCG spokesman Armand Balilo said that the coastguard vessel has arrived in the Middle East and ready for the repatriation.

This war began when the US strike on the Baghdad International Airport that killed the top Iranian Commander Qasel Soleimani last January 3.

Iran releases a series of missiles for their revenge to the US where it targeted the US base in Iraq.

The Philippine government declared mandatory repatriation for all OFWs because of fears in their safety because of arising tensions.

The biggest vessel Gabriela Silang was just purchased from France. And left Saint-Nazaire last December 30 and scheduled reach the Philippines on February 10, 2020. But this vessel was ordered to direct to Iran for OFWs repatriation before it reaches the Philippines.

BRP Gabriela Silang was the biggest PCG's vessels said Balilo.


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