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Do you know that Laurel leaves is best cure for people with an absence of appetite

Chinese Laurel is a small tree known for its small fruits that can be eaten or mixed with certain foods. Its leaves are broad, smooth, and elongate. The red fruit grows like a cluster of grapes. It is commonly found in lowland northern Luzon and on the island of Mindanao.

Nutrients and chemicals that can be extracted from the vine:
*The leaves contain corilagen, gallic, ferrulic, and ellagic acids. There are flavone vicinin ll and dimmer amentoflavone.
*The plant contains phenolics, flavanoids, anthocyanins and caretenoids.

Diseases that can be treated with chinese laurel:
1.)Anemia - drinking leaf and fruit can help prevent anemia.
2.)Snake bite - it is believed that leaf blight is effective as a wound against the snake bite. 3.)Hypertension - drinking leaf and fruit juice can reduce high blood pressure.
4.)Stomach ache - the condition of the impotence or difficulty of digestion can be helped by drinking the nourished fruit of the vine.
5.) Absence of appetite - may eat fruit as a result of appetite.
6.) Syphilis - drinking aids in the treatment of leaf blight in the disease caused by syphilis infection.

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