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Do you know that Santol fruit is also best cure for Fever?

Santol is a tall tree that is commonly grown in lowland areas in the Philippines. It has leaves covered with small feathers, and produces a round fruit with large seeds inside. Originally from countries in Indochina but also commonly found in the Philippines, Indonesia and India.

Ingredients and chemicals that can be taken in Santol:
*The fruit - contains bryononic acid and bryonolic acid terpenoids, meso-inositol and dimethyl mucate polyalcohol. It also contains carbohydrates, iron and some calcium. It also contains vitamin B.
*The branches - contains sandoricum acid which is a bitter substance. It still contains visibleic acid, indicic acid, koetjapic acid, 3-oxo-12-oleanen-29-oic acid.
*The leaves - can be taken with sandrapins A, B, C, D and E and sodas A and B.

Diseases that can be cured of Santol:
 1.) Fever - effective fever also lowers the bath using divided or nourished foods. leaf of  Santol.
2.) Ringworm - Extra-skinned bark is usually applied to affected skin.
3.) Diarrhea - the root mixed with vinegar and water may be given to the person suffering from diarrhea or dysentery.
4.) Newborn - The baby's leaves and bark are nourished only at birth.
5.) Skin rashes - use fresh leaf extract on skin with rashes and irritation.

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