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DOH worries about mysterious virus from China

Alias Bella often went on travel to China with her boss. But when the new virus outbreak had been announced they stop traveling to China.

According to her, she is very nervous of getting the virus because its hard to work if you are ill and your employer will send you back home.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on their statement that the new virus is not a SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory System ot MERSCov known as  Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus that found in Wuhan City, China. Based on their primary research the new found virus is another kind of coronavirus were it caused pneumonia. The virus is not easy to transfer from one person to another. Although it caused a person serious illness, none dead have been recorded due to the new virus.

The Bureau of Quarantine and the Department of Health is on alert for monitoring all passengers from China to avoid the new virus in the country. As of now they don't any detected passengers with symptoms of the new virus but with the big volumes of OFWs in China, Hongkong and other Asian countries there is a tendency that some passengers got the new virus said Domingo. He added that the vaccine of coronavirus will not work on the new virus and it is impossible to make a vaccine to fight the new illness.

The only thing the public can do to avoid this kind of virus is to maintain cleanliness. Always wash your hands and wear a face mask on public places.


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