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Taiwan's first Dengue case this year has been reported in Tainan City

Dengue Virus is the first case experienced in Tainan City this year 2020 according to the Public Health Bureau.

According to the Public Health Bureau of the city of Tainan, it has confirmed the first case this year in 2020 and it is the spread of dengue fever.  A woman in her 20s and recently on vacation in Indonesia was affected by this disease.

According to the CNA report the female patient who visited Southeast Asian found it to be infected with dengue virus type 4 or so-called DENV-4.  The patient was in pain and continued to treat her illness.

The woman initially thought her illness was just a flu but when her condition didn't change it was good to seek medical attention at another hospital and there she was diagnosed with dengue virus.

Dengue Fever is an infection caused by dengue viruses which has four different serotypes that are well known  to be contagious to humans.

To prevent this disease you must protect yourself at all times to prevent mosquito bites.  Avoid getting mosquitoes on someone who has a fever.  Also keep the environment clean.

The area surrounding the woman's home in Xiaying District including the area she visited in Tainan's Anding District on the day her fever started to disappear it is  began to dis-inspected.


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