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How does exotic seahorse tea benefits our body?

  Chinese have many traditional teas which can cure any illness. One of the exotic tea that they made is Seahorse tea associated with mythology. They believe in magical and superpower effects of this tea.

  What are the benefits of seahorse tea to our body?  It is believe to cure the following illness
1. Respiratory disorders
2. Kidney disease
3. Throat infections
4. Goiter
5. Nymphs disorder
6. Skin disease
7. Lethargy
8. Infertility
9. Sexual booster

 Seahorse Tea History and Benefits
  How do they make seahorse tea?
They dried the seahorse and soaked in alcohol then boiled as a tea. In China they make the seahorse as soup and ingredients to variety of dishes. They even dried seahorse like or favorite dried fish. The benefits of will really enhanced the body. Seahorse are a very rare now a days so importation on this are prohibited and need some necessary documents.

  The Chinese believes that this kind of exotic tea has superpower for human sex treatment and for  infertility. In China this is served in few traditional tea house and Spa establishments.

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