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how to invest in a profitable Hog Raising Odorless business?

 Feeds which known with natural ingredients results of hog meats and give nutritious benefits to the human body like protein. And Raising hogs using FeedPro Feeds is Odorless which maintain environment smell good. And avoid costly vaccination due to the good condition of hogs.

Here are tips on how to start a successful business and Proper Management:
1.) Location Area which not prone to flooding, and the pen provide for them are not exposed to sun or called east to west orientation

2.) Accessibility
The road must good so the truck or other vehicles that can bring food for the pigs will be easy.

3.) Space Requirements
We need to calculate the space will be provided so it will not be crowded.
Each pig must have 1.5-2 square meters area. The pen measure 10-15 SQ.meter good for 10pigs

4.) Construction Materials
-can be used indigenous materials that can be seen around like bamboo fence or for durable can be used cement and steel.
-for roofing Nipa and anahaw is good for absorbent of the heat of surroundings and sun although it's not  for a long time if the place center of the storm we could use different roofings it's classified to three:

*Semi monitor
*Shed type

The first and second type used for wide and large piggery and shed type for a small area.
Make sure the construction of is pigpen strong build so not easy to damage.

Flooring and beddings:
1.)rice hull
2.)coffee  skin

If the beddings are substrate sand is enough so it will easily absorb the moisture like pig urine. The substrate will be measure 3feet. If cement is used to make slope towards the wallowing pool so the water and other feces don't stock inside the pen.

Need also to build wallowing pool to relax pig when the weather so hot it will be measure 1 meter and the width depending on the length of the pen.

Feeding trough:
It must be placed in front of the pen to easily feed the pigs the width only 8inches, the height is 6inches curve like letter U, so they finish the feeds and easy to clean well.
Automatic drinkers must need, for 10 pigs 4 water drinkers can put with the height of 25cm or 50cm

Proper Management:
1.) Waste cleaning of feces
2.) Change the water to wallowing pool
3.) Make sure the feeding area is clean
4.) Spray disinfectant inside the pen to avoid microbes that cause diseases use vinegar known bacterial killer
Feedpro ingredients have probiotics natural growth promotants that safe and effective compared to antibiotics.

3 Classes of FeedPro feeds:
1.) Super Premium
2.) Premium
3.)  Ecopro special

All in all the total weight of the feeds up to 31/2- 4onths estimated 200kg each pig.
Feed shifting is also important for starter stage pig must weight 20-25kg before shift feeds, grower stage weight must 40-55kg and finisher 90-100kg

Method of feed shifting:
1st Day: 75% old feeds and 25% new feeds
2nd Day:50%/50%
3rd Day: 25% old feeds and 75% new feeds
4th Day: 100% new feeds

Prepare fermented feeds to maintain the probiotics, the ratio of water is 1:3,1kg of feeds equal to 3liters of water ferment the mixture 8- 12 hours before feeding to pigs.

Those guidelines will result in good result and a guarantee that the meat :
1.) Not slimy smell
2.) Not fatty or it's good pork
3.) Not easily spoil

Because of the natural ingredients of FeedPro, you can achieve to sell the good quality of meat and its freshness.


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