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KFC Taiwan announces its another price increase this year

Taipei - This Friday (Jan. 10), a fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken or better-known KFC has announced a price increase.  This is the second year the fast-food chain has raised prices.

According to UDN, price adjustments will be seen on some items and this will rise by 3.4% on average and the remaining items will be at 60% with no change in price.  Some of the items on the rise were egg tarts and fried chicken at NT$ 3 added to the price.  While other meals rise to NT$ 10 more.

According to the company, the price increase policy has shown an increase in the cost of operations.  It added that some of the well-received meal sets and foosd are not included in the price increase list.

According to Anue's report, in January 2019 KFC Taiwan introduced a 5% increase in prices due to the increase in minimum wage and price increases of raw materials it uses.  The price hike was also followed by another big fast-food chain Mc Donald's Taiwan next month.

A well-known Taiwanese beverage and restaurant chain Chun Shui Tang has also raised their bubble tea price by NT$ 10 to NT$ 20.  This shows a more than 10% price increase according to UDN.


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