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Kinds of diseases that can be cured through the herbal plant the Heavenly elixer


The heavenly elixer is a creeping plant that can reach 4-10 meters high. The branches are known for having bulges and have heart-shaped leaves. It also has a flower that is green and the fruits grow in clusters. It is commonly found in various places throughout the Philippines.

Nutrients and chemicals:
*The plant contains combine, some alkaloids, and glucoside.
*There is also picroretine and traces of berberine in the plant, especially in the leaves.

Diseases that can be cured:
1.)Rheumatism - powerful coconut oil that divides the branch of life. It is applied only to the affected parts of the body.
2.)Gastric ulcer due to gastric ulcer, coated with oil that splits the saliva of the stomach.
3.)Alloys - can be used as a livelihood oil for a foot condition.
4.)Gastric ulcer - Injury to the sides of the stomach can be alleviated by ingesting water that splits the living branches.
5.)Malaria - recurrent high fever is a symptom of malaria. This condition can be helped by drinking the nourished branches and leaves of the plant.
6.)Itching - Grind a fresh branch of life and apply the juice to the wounds caused by itching on the skin.
7.)Fever - consumption of cured leaves and branches helps to reduce high fever

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