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Know the tremendous benefits of Pechay vegetables in our body

Pechay is one of the most favorite foods of Filipinos. It is served with stew, stir-fried, served and many other dishes that most people want to eat. Various types of pechay can be purchased here in the country such as bok choy, pechay, baguio and chinese cabbage. Like other green leafy vegetables, pechay can strengthen the body's resistance to preventing serious illnesses.

Eating these and other leafy vegetables daily can help strengthen our immune system and prevent the onset of diseases such as cancer. Pechay belongs to cruciferous vegetables, which is known for being low in calories, nutritious and has beneficial benefits when incorporated into our daily diet.

Benefits of Pechay to our health:
1.)It contains iron - helps to regulate oxygen in the blood.
2.)Has vitamin A - good for the eyes.
3.)It contains vitamin K and calcium - for strong bones, phosphorus for bone development and good digestive function, and also helps regulate with hormonal imbalance.
4.)Contains potassium - a mineral that is important for muscle control, regulating blood pressure to prevent hypertension.
5.)Helpful thinner - since one cup contains less than 13 calories and is fibrous it is easy to satisfy. It is a low carb vegetable so you can eat it to your liking and don't worry about getting fat.
6.)Increases energy - because of its protein and helps repair damaged body tissue.

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