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La Cumbre Volcano erupted and spewing tons of lava in Galapagos

Another volcano has erupted. The La Cumbre volcano in the uninhabited island of La Fernandina begun erupting on Sunday night, January 12, 2020 Ecuador's time. According the official Ecuador's Galapagos National Park.

Sunday night, the most active volcano in Galapagos began erupting and spilling lava. On Monday the volcano has erupted after a strong volcano quake, spewing lava across the island of La Fernandina.

No human injuries were recorded since the island is uninhabited but it was a home of various species like iguanas, penguins, flightless cormorants and rats.

Since last Thursday, there were about 4 Volcanos erupted within the a couple of days. First erupted was the Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico, then Saturday, the Mt. Shintake volcano of Japan and then the Taal in the Philippines.


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