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Make a better profit with Tapsi business!

perfect with refreshing   drinks,or halo-halo and fruitshakes


 Filipino knows who rice lovers because they use to do it during meals to have more energy on our body whenever you are students or Working. There is a lot of different ways of preparing breakfast especially in combining dishes. They have also unique preparation for it.

 Tapsihan is one of famous business food corner which is design as "Kubo" which for best relaxation due nipa easy to absorb heat and the air is easy to enter because it made too like a bamboo.

 Fried rice(sinangag) partner with egg, hotdog (hotsilog), this is one of combo meals example.

It's really affordable to everyone, especially to the students.
And this is good for Business, here are some procedures and materials u need to have your own business.

your location must near to the school, company, market, or everywhere there is business section or companies. If you don't have enough money to buy a place, you can rent. Renting is about P3500k to P4500k pesos a month, which you need assurance that you choose a place with many people.

 Around P20,000k in peso, you can start your own "tapsihan". Of course, as a beginner, you will design your food delicious but cheap prices. Like P 35  pesos combo

1 eggs+ sinangag+1 hotdog (w/free ice tea)
(Example of cost per meal but it depends on you how you will prepare it)

 -Tarpaulin (feature your name of the store, plus the products you serve
-kitchen wares
-table and chairs
-design for your store

 There's no need training fee to learn about the business, all you need to do be good in frying and style. Only fried rice and fry dish you will combine. Plus you can prepay sauces depends on your customer choice. It's better you can prepare and arrange well so they can love it.

PS. Make sure your area is clean and convenient so they eat well.

 You can have more customers because it's cheaper. And really affordable especially to the person like you who wants to start a business and be your own.

Fulltime management. And of course, because this is the combo you need to be brainy in preparing a dish with different combo not always as the same. More combo more choices.

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