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Studies shows the new coronavirus takes 5 days to develop

Based on one of the wider studies of coronavirus that was begun in Wuhan China, it takes 5.2 days to develop the virus from the time of the exposure.

The Chinese team who are behind the publication in New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) admitted that the result of their medical observation for 14 days for those people who are been exposed to the virus is not 100% accurate.

WHO said last Monday that the virus will develop from 2 - 10 days before symptoms will appear like cough, fever, acute respiratory distressed and shortness of breathing.

This new estimated days of the incubation was based on their 10 patients. They studied the first 425 patients diagnosed from the virus to find out the two fundamental characteristics of the said virus.

They also said, the infected person will infect 2.2 other people. The figure does not say how big the epidemic will spread but this will be a useful measurement than nothing.

The researcher team also found out last December 2019 that this kind of virus can be transmitted from one person to another.

In the Netherlands, the Chinese echo team found out that the incubation will take 5.8 days with a wide variation.

According to NEJM, a 27-year-old Vietnamese man was infected by his father who has travelled to Wuhan just for 3 days.

The half of 425 patient diagnoses from the virus were aged over 60 years old and there was no recorded patient under 15 years old.


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