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Taal Volcano suddenly erupted and now on alert level 4 for mandatory evacuation

The Famous Taal Volcano in the Philippines has suddenly erupted this afternoon. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) has raised the alert level 2 to alert 4 an hour after the eruption occurs. Meaning there will be magmatic unrest in the volcano, implying a movement in the magma.

"The volcano is inside a bigger crater or basin or bowl. which is why people would have to evacuate horizontally and away from the crater. There is water that would be hindering the rapid evacuation and that is why people need to get out of the island as soon as possible." According to Solidom (PHIVOLCS).

The National Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) has ordered an evacuation on three towns of San Nicolas, Balete and Talisay which is near the volcano. Heavy ashfall experienced in Tagaytay City, Laguna, Cavite and Muntinlupa City. 

The Department of Health has warned that exposure to falling ash may cause several health problems. It has recommended that people should stay indoors as much as possible and use dust masks and goggles for protection when going outside.

According to PHIVOLCS the Taal has been manifesting “moderate to a high level of seismic activity” since March 28, 2019, with weak earthquakes being felt in several areas in Batangas.



  2. the advisory has been given since march of 2019 earlier on. now, why has not the local government acted upon it?

    the best way to face such a challenge is that people should be trained on the proper way ways of mitigation,prevention and management of disasters.



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