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The Filipino "Bayanihan" spirit was alive after a fire broke out in Shunlin

A group Filipinos immediately responded to the site to deliver their donations to our fellow Kababayan who had lost their job and home after a fire broke out at the Factory of Tong Yu Corporation in Shunlin last December 31, 2019.

After our fellow Kababayan posted on facebook and ask for any assistance because they have save nothing for themselves after all their belongings were burnt.

The post garnered 401 shares in a popular Filipino Travel Facebook page in Taiwan and many of whom have promised to help and even give a pledge.

If anyone wishes to help our fellow kababayan check below the contact number and address.

Name: Nickie Habal
Contact No. 0967335671
Address: #39 Sanlong St. Shunlin Taiwan

For more information and donations kindly follow the link Habal Miedes Nickie

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