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The People's Park in Tagaytay before and after the Taal eruption

The greeny and lovely environment of  People's Park in Tagaytay turned now into a more greyish color after heavily been affected by the ashfall from the Taal Volcano since last Sunday of January 12.

A photo shared by Jerome Austria Abuan went viral online and had been shared in several pages on Facebook, showing the present situation of the  People's Park in Tagaytay.

The People's Park in the Sky, often simply called People's Park and originally named palace in the sky, is a historical urban park in Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines. The park was converted from an incomplete mansion, known as the palace in the sky.

A lot of people went here to relaxed and temporarily stay away from stressful work and escaping from noisy and busy cities.


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  1. ...a beautiful sight when was there up in 2106. Sad all this had to happen, pero we can't stop nature taking it's course as willed by the Lord.



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