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The secret reasons why guava leaves remain as powerful antibacterial herbal medicine

            Guava Leaves How to Use as Medicine

    Traditional medicine is one of ancient way to kill illness. And one of this is guava leaves. It is consider as antibiotics which contains higher levels of vitamin C and iron. Those leaves are good for decoction of cough especially at cold weather, clean our lungs and respiratory tracts. This also popular in cleaning wounds.

In many provinces, the leaves of this is  just being chew with empty stomach. But in some other, place they use it as tea and drinks.

How beneficial this leaves?
They consider it as antibiotics for an aching stomach with higher acidity they recommend to drink an extract juice from the boiled guava leaves. Also good as wound cleanser, skin rashes and its been already proven and tested. Also good for who has dysmenorrhea.

Guava leaves contains higher antibacterial, antioxidants which is very helpful to ease pain in our body. Drinking extracted juice from the leaves as tea helps to avoid cancer in our body. It is also good for the skin.

Is there any side effects from Guava leave? There are no side effects for this, but too much consumption may cause mild constipation. Just a cup a day with empty stomach may help to ease the pain.

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