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Thousands of OFW to lose jobs if wider mandatory repatriation in Middle East to be enforced

Imelda Edisanatiga was working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia for 5 years. She returned to the country for the new year after finishing her contract.

A days later, the unexpected fight arose between the US and Iran that cause serious tensions all over the Middle East. Although there is a war rising in said place, Edisanatiga was preparing to travel in the Middle East for the sake of her children.

According to her, to be able to give her children a bright future, she needs to come back to the Middle East because their earnings are not enough unlike she is in Saudi her monthly salary is 1,500 Saudi Riyals or Php 20,000.

But the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is thinking if they will be allowed to deploy Filipino workers near Iraq and Iran because of the war between Iran and the US.

POEA administrator Bernard Olalia the goal of mandatory repatriation is to secure the safety of OFWs in the Middle East. He said there will be a big problem if the government will decide to wider the mandatory repatriation in the Middle East because thousands of Filipino workers will lose their jobs.

 They are worried of possible effects on remittances in our country due to the mandatory repatriation because the 90% of remittances are coming from the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar.

Olalia said the government are ready to help the repatriated OFWs through training, education and job matching for an available job in the Philippines that they will be qualified.


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