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Ways on how to earn big with Egg business!

Traditional Salted Eggs   

  Do you know that salted eggs are Chinese cuisine that we adopt? Salted eggs symbol is for wealthy and prosperity. Salted eggs have benefits because it's the same that comes from the duck eggs we could get Vitamin B12, vitamin A, selenium but of course to those who easily got a high level of cholesterol must be avoided. Just need a limit. 

Salted Eggs is one of the good business. Especially if we made it from the traditional way because it really tastes good.

At low-cost capital, we can start our own. Here are the procedures on how to make it and how to satisfied our customers for better taste.

-clay from termite (usually found  near to the tea tree or in the farm
-palayok(clay pot)
-net bag

Fresh eggs from the duck make sure no ovum
Food color ( red)

  1.) Choose good eggs with hard skin.
  2.) Mix the clay and salt ratio of measurements
    is 1:1. Then mix it well-blended water gradually.
        Make it dense or sticky form and like rough texture.
       Heat the mixture slowly then let it cool.

  3.) Soak the egg. And arrange it inside the palayok. Make sure the eggs have no crack.
  4.) Stored up to 18 days so the salt absorbs the eggs.
        To become more oily egg yolks up to 25 days.
  5.) After the storage washes the eggs and steam for 5hrs. Steaming makes the salted eggs last longer compare boiling. And not easy spoiled because the eggs don't absorb more moisture.
   6.) For business purposes, use coloring mix it to water then soak the egg then dry and put to the basket. When the coloring dry put in the tray egg.

P5000.00 should be enough for starting.  Or if only for a trial but you want to sell only for your friends P3000.00 is ok. (it depends how would you start your business)

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