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What are the causes of tuberculosis and how to avoid?

                Tuberculosis Symptoms and Cure

  Many people suffer different illnesses that they caught by a virus and weakens our body. Tuberculosis is one viral disease that start for simple phlegm until it will be severe. That's the weakens of the lungs. This bacteria attacks the lungs called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis the lungs is the first prospects of the bacteria which can effects other parts of the body. This bacteria can caught through to born air when the person affected sneezes, cough or talks.

    What are the symptoms of TB? It's a low grade of fever, night sweating, weakness and tiredness, and weight loss. The person may experience cough,chest pain, shortness of breathe, coughing with blood. The bacteria stays to the body and needs six months treatment and medications before the bacteria kills.

    What are some way to cure TB? There is new invented vaccination for this so you can avoid this bacteria. So this is curable and  there's alot of medicine for this disease. To avoid this virus it is to important to cover your nose and mouth when you are in public. Special to the person sneezing and coughing in the public. Make sure your room has enough fresh air to avoid bacteria stays. This bacteria is active on cold weather rainy season and winter. Young and adult at infect this kind of bacteria.

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