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What are the the good effects of laughter

                     The Benefits of Laughter

    When you laugh it indicates your happiness. It's a reaction from your heart. Laughter is the best medicine and good for our body.

     How does laughter benefit us? Do you know that when we laugh it increase and boost our immune system? It decreases to the stress hormone levels. 

     The endorphins to our body triggers, the chemical substance that makes us feel good. It relieved some pain we experience. Have you ever experienced a lonely moments and someone makes you laugh and you turn good and happy? That's because you laugh your whole body reacted that you are happy.

       Remember that you laugh your body release hormones that boost your immune system and the T-cells, for having a stronger immune system.

       Laughter is good for a depressing person, once you laugh the dopamine release which secretes the endorphin to our brain. Psychologists refer to the laughter that helps to have a good mood.

     According to research laughing is good for the heart so the blood can have good flow through different veins. When our heart is happy, our emotions will be fine and it will react to our whole system.

     Keep laughing so you have a longer life, don't stress your self for little things. A positive mind and happy heart bring a good life.

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