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Why we should eat malungay and why it is called powerful vegetables?

Health Benefits to Our Body
Malunggay is the green leafy vegetables which is popular in the Philippines. It grows in tropical and sub-tropical places like in South Asia. This considers as tree vegetables with powerful nutrition.

What are benefits of malunggay? It is rich in iron and phosphorous which good for blood circulation. The calcium which helps to develop bones and makes it strong and avoids bone disorder like osteoporosis. For an anemic person, this vegetable tree is good for blood because it helps the red blood cells to increase.

It contains protein, potassium, and vitamin C which are known as anti-oxidants that fight bad chemicals to our body. Anti-oxidants help to fight the aging of our cells and to fight the effect of stress in our body. It's really highly and  rich in different vitamins which is for our immune system.

It is being suggested to include in our daily diet. One of the popular dish is the chicken tinola its really the best  especially for a breastfeeding mom. It helps to increase the production of milk.
For malnourished children, they are advised to feed this kind of vegetable. This has the superpower vegetables.

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