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China has agreed for the evacuation of more than 200 Taiwan businessmen from Wuhan

With a Chinese charter flight, China has agreed to the evacuation of more than 200 Taiwan businessmen from Wuhan, Hubei Province. They arrived in Taiwan on Monday night.

Wuhan Taiwan Businessmen's Association head Hsiao Yung-jui said that the Taiwanese evacuees had started checking in yesterday, January 3, 2020 from 6 p.m. at Tianhe International Airport.

Hsiao also added that China sends the Taiwanese nationals vehicles to take them to the airport and fly back to Taiwan with a charter plane. But those who have been diagnosed with infection are being monitored and will not back to Taiwan.

Chuang Jen-hsiang, deputy-director of Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control, said that to see if the evacuees have any symptoms, they have a physical examination upon their arrival. If some of them have any symptoms will be sent to hospitals while those showing no symptoms will be isolated for 14 days in a single room. Isolated rooms in unspecified venues such as military bases or idle government facilities.

The death toll from Wuhan coronavirus has increased to 361 in China and thousands are infected.


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