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Taiwan's H1N1 case killed at least 13 people this week

According to the Center for Disease (CDC) that as the country became infected due to the spread of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus.  Another major threat to the virus is spreading in Taiwan, the H1N1 flu virus, which is said to have affected 13 lives in just one week.

In a meeting held last Friday, Chuang Jen-hsiang, deputy director-general of the Center for Disease Control, said 116,705 people were seeking medical treatment at the hospitals across the country for the flu symptoms last week, it included the 61 people that affected and confirmed in the cases of flu.

According to Chung, the H1N1 virus is better known as Swine Flu.  It is the current majo source of flu infections that are currently being experienced by residents of the Taiwan communities.  The virus is estimated to have a total of 84.5% affected people in the said country.  And for the test to take, it still takes a week to determine and knowing if the flu infection is contagious or not.

According to the Physician named Lin Yung-ching of the CDC, about 13 people died last week due to the seasonal flu they are experiencing.  These people range in age from 47 - 97 years old, including an 80 year old woman who is a cancer and chronic pneumonia patient.

Lin said that the deceased patient had a fever in late December and had difficulty breathing for four days.  The woman later died of pneumonia and difficulty breathing while she was being rushed to the hospital.

The old woman was one of only 13 people died from the H1N1 virus that received Flu Vaccine.

Based on the data presented by the CDC, there were 771 serious infections that were reported from October 1 to January 25 due to the H1N1 virus including 56 people who died of the flu related.


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