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10,000 Filipino seafarers need to be repatriated amid COVID-19

MANILA – Coronavirus disease 2019 affected the operation of cruise ships globally. Around 10,000 Filipino seafarers are need to be repatriated since their ships has already stopped doing business.

Chairman Marlon Rono if Magsaysay Maritime Corp is chartering flights for the repatriation of the seafarers. He also stated:

"They are floating in some areas. You know a cruise ship has its own doctor, own hospital. They are taken cared of if symptoms show. They are floating in some areas. The repatriation is shouldered by principal, Roño said. The challenge, however, would be getting seafarers from Visayas and Mindanao home as travel is suspended nationwide which is why the agency is appealing for help from government, he added. Once the situation “normalizes,” Filipino seafarers can go back to their jobs, he said.

Magsaysay Maritime Corp. is the agency of 400 Filipino crew members of the Diamond Princess which was affected by the virus in Japan.


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