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6 Vietnamese under quarantine escape in Western Taiwan detention facility

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — 6 Vietnamese undocumented immigrants who tried entering Taiwan were arrested and detained in facility to be quarantined amid COVID-19. But while on their detention they illegally escape this morning (March 24).

According to officers from the Lienchiang branch of the Coast Guard Administration (CGA) they arrested 31 undocumented Vietnamese,  there are 24 men and 7 women. Unfortunately, CGA officers found out that six of the immigrants escaped on Tuesday, 7 a.m.

On Tuesday morning, CGA officers found that three male detainees had broken the metal bars blocking the transom from Room No. 1 and fled out the opening. However, one had remained behind, as he was apparently unable to fit through the window.

An additional three male detainees broke the bars covering the aluminum-framed window in Room No. 4 to clear the way for their escape. Officers believe that the escape occurred during the previous night, but they are not sure of the exact time and further investigation is needed.

Hsu Chi-ling (許績陵), deputy director of the CGA, said that the six had been carefully examined by epidemic prevention personnel and that none of them were presenting symptoms of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). He called on the public not to panic and that the personnel who were on duty at the time will be reprimanded.


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