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Complete lockdown for Taiwan to fight COVID-19 suggested by Medical Experts as figures increasing

TAIPEI - Medical experts in Taiwan are suggesting the government to declare total lockdown due to the increasing numbers of persons infected with COVID-19. They are also fully much aware of the big possibility that there will be scarcity of medical facilities when the positive cases will not subside. The complete lockdown could help the government to prevent the virus from spreading and affecting the citizens.

Shih Jin-chung (施景中), an obstetrician at the prominent National Taiwan University Hospital has expressed concern about a shortage of negative pressure isolation rooms, which are designed to contain airborne contaminants, as those under quarantine in Taiwan reach 40,000. He called for stricter measures to prevent human movement, from a comprehensive lockdown to mandatory quarantine at designated accommodations for Taiwanese returning from abroad.

The situation is alarming, according to Chan Chang-chuan (詹長權), dean of National Taiwan University’s College of Public Health (CPH). He cautioned that the country’s medical system could be overwhelmed by a sudden influx of Coronavirus patients needing special care if the number of new cases exceeds 100 a day, wrote Liberty Times.

Furthermore, as of Friday (March 27) Taiwan already confirmed 267 COVID-19 cases nationwide.

Source: Taiwan News


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