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DAGUPAN CITY's suspected COVID-19 patient died

Suspected COVID-19 victim in Dagupan City was a retired Houston Filipino-American nurse visiting the Philippines on a humanitarian mission.

While waiting for the laboratory test result, she died less than 24 hours.

Ofelia Romero Rayos, a 68-year-old woman from Houston Texas, traveled to the Philippines where she was to attend an inauguration of a school room she helped build. She was accompanied by 10 other members of the Houston Pangasinan Women’s group organization. She had also traveled to Iloilo and Cebu during her time in the country.

Rayos died before the result came out. Due to the increasing numbers of persons under investigation of COVID-19, delays in laboratory test results have increased also.

Rayos’ husband and travel companions are all currently under quarantine and forced to remain in Luzon due to the current government-imposed travel restrictions.

As of Sunday, there were 380 cases of COVID-19 in the country, including 25 deaths and 7 recoveries.

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