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Doctor arrested for selling overpriced donated thermal scanners

MANILA - National Bureau of Investigation arrested a doctor for selling overpriced thermal scanners which are donated to his organization due to COVID-19, Wednesday (March 25).

The said doctor was Cedric John Sarmiento de Castro, he attempted selling 150 pieces of infrared thermometers for P9,500 when the suggested price for each is P800 to P1,500 only.

NBI said the thermal scanners were donated to the organization the suspect heads.

"The thermal scanners were further alleged to have been donated to him in his capacity as chapter president of Lion's Club," the statement says.

He will undergo inquest at the Quezon City prosecutor's office for charges of profiteering and hoarding.

The NBI on Tuesday also apprehended four suspects in Manila for allegedly selling overpriced thermal scanners. This is part of NBI's efforts to crack down on those who take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis.


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