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Effective medicine for bad breath

 Are you ashamed to talk in front of your neighbor because of bad breath? There are many causes for shortness of breath, but it is also the type of lifesaver we have. Eating spicy foods, onions, and garlic is also a cause of bad breath. And the most common cause is the laziness of brushing our teeth. The ingestion of tooth impurities from foods eaten by bacteria becomes bacteria when not removed from the mouth. It can lead to tooth decay and can cause bad breath.

The causes of bad breath are diabetes, constipation or not stool, mouth cancer, pneumonia, kidney or liver disease, bowel disease and dirty dentures and braces. Effective medicine of baking soda is also an effective medicine for bad breath. Just take a teaspoon of baking soda and melt it in a glass of water. Then make it crumbly.

Use guava leaves. Pick up some healthy and fresh leaves. Then chew until the leaf in your mouth is crushed. Do this every morning and before bed. Mouthwash before bedtime is also effective in reducing bad breath. But it is best to consult an expert before using mouthwash to avoid possible side effects.

Chewing gum can also reduce bacteria caused by bad breath through saliva in the mouth as it helps cleanse the mouth and reduce bacteria. When all of the above is still in effect, when you properly clean your teeth and mouth with a proper brush, but there is still a bad breath, you will need

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