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India contradict criticisms after strict lockdown; left millions struggle

The Indian government implemented a three-week total lockdown in all parts of the country due to rapid increase of COVID-19 cases. With this, there are news that the authorities did not properly informed the people and left millions stranded and lack of food. The government defended its handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

The country's response had been "pre-emptive, pro-active and graded", it said in a statement.

The government only given the 1.3 billion citizens with less than four hours notice regarding the 21 days of total lockdown on Tuesday. This urgent announcement left people unprepared and have insufficient food at home.

Officially about 900 people have coronavirus in India.

However, experts worry that the real number of infections could be far higher. India has one of the lowest testing rates in the world, although efforts are under way to ramp up capacity.

There are fears that an outbreak in the country - one of the world's most densely populated - could result in a catastrophe. So far 20 people are reported to have died.

People are banned from leaving their homes under the "total lockdown" measures. All non-essential businesses have been closed and almost all public gatherings are banned.

But there have been reports of long queues and panic buying as people struggle to get supplies.

After the lockdown was announced, people in Delhi and the financial capital, Mumbai, quickly thronged shops and pharmacies amid fears of shortages.

It prompted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to warn that panic buying would only spread the disease. He said the government would ensure there were sufficient supplies.

Meanwhile, millions have been left jobless and without money as a result of the shutdown.


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