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"Nationwide Lockdown" rumor is a Fake News; Palace

MANILA - MalacaƱang corrected the fake news about the plan of the government to impose "nationwide lockdown" to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They assures people that there's no truth about the said rumor.

A message circulating online claimed that an alleged “nationwide lockdown” will include include wet markets, and that food will be rationed to the public every three days.

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea slammed peddlers of such “fake news” and said they should be “disinfected.”

“Those who spread fake news should have themselves disinfected. They are now moving faster than the virus itself,” Medialdea said in a message to reporters.
The false advisory also stated that the public should stock up for enough food for two weeks.

Last week, President Rodrigo Duterte implemented an enhanced community quarantine in Luzon which will be in effect until April 13, 2020.

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