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Serpentina effective herbal medicine

Serpentina effective herbal medicine

Serpentina has been proven to be a cure for many diseases with scientific robecia serpentina.  This plant is from India.  It is the cure for snake and dog bites, smallpox, stomach aches, vomiting, cough, epilepsy, and severe headaches.

It is also a remedy for women who are having trouble with menstruation.  It is also effective against fever, rheumatism, insomnia, and diabetes.  It is also a cure for eczema, fungal infection and other skin diseases including psoriasis.  It also contains the remedy for breast cancer and cancer of the uterus.

The serpentina leaves look like chrysanthemum, but they are shiny, about two to three inches in size, pointed at the ends and greenish-green in color.  The flowers are small in color white.  It is planted in the yard and grows in shady areas.

Serpentina is also good for lowering blood pressure.  For a diabetic, it testifies that drinking broth of serpentina-broth leaves reduces blood sugar.

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