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List of 10 Best Restaurants in Taichung, Taiwan

With so many things to see and do around Taichung, it’s little wonder that the west coast city is now a popular weekend trip for many Taiwanese. And with all those tourists flocking to the city, the local restaurant industry is booming. So without further ado, here are some of Taichung’s finest dining establishments.


A great spot if you’re craving some comfort Mexican style food. There’s a huge selection of wraps on the menu with a wide variety of fillings with a real international flavor. The food is really good and the ingredients used in each filling are fresh and well prepared. For an affordable evening meal with friends, this is the best spot in the city.

Address: 1樓, 268號 Dadun 10th Street, Taichung City, 408, Taiwan

Bungy Jump Korean BBQ

Possibly one of the best Korean Barbecue places in the city, Bungy Jump Korean BBQ is an experience you’re sure to remember. There’s a great selection of items on the menu and plenty of typically spicy things to choose from. The staff are pretty cool here too and will help you out with choosing your meal. Good for a few beers and food with friends.

Address: 38號 Chaofu Road, Taichung, 40757, Taiwan

Le Passage

If you’re after some classic French cuisine in a wonderfully relaxing setting then Le Passage is your only choice. The food here is delightful with some seriously good options on the menu. If you can only try one thing here, make sure it contains beef which is incredibly good. An ideal place for a romantic dinner.

Address: 12-3 Lane 23, Mofan Street, Taichung, 403, Taiwan

Mori Teppanyaki

You’ll struggle to find a more upscale teppanyaki place anywhere in Taiwan. Yes, this place really is that breathtaking. The decor is out of this world and the service from the staff is five-star quality. Fortunately, the food is in keeping with its illustrious surroundings. A little more expensive than most teppanyaki places but well worth the money.

Address: 502號 Yifeng Road Section 4, Taichung City, 408, Taiwan

Chillies Indian Restaurant

Chillies is the place to go in Taichung for Indian food. They actually have two branches and both are quite good. There’s a real authentic feel about the place with traditional decor throughout the dining area and incredible aromas coming from the kitchen. And although many assume that Indian food is spicy, there are plenty of mild and non spicy items that even kids can enjoy.

Address: 47號 Cunzhong Street, Taichung City, 403, Taiwan

Copain Italian Fine Food

This stylish restaurant is one of the many places in Taichung that serves Italian food but it’s one of the only ones that has such a reputation for authenticity. The pastas are cooked to perfection and the pizzas are heavenly. The staff here are pretty welcoming too and pay special attention to young kids making it ideal for family dinners.

Address: 28號 Dayong Street, Taichung City, 401, Taiwan

Jerry's House

Whether it’s brunch, lunch, or dinner, mealtimes at Jerry’s House are a great experience. Serving up what can only be described as Aussie fusion food, this place has everything from crispy chicken to burgers all of which are cooked to order. It’s a pretty relaxing place with friendly staff and some chic decor. Make sure to try the indulgent desserts!

Address: 152號 Section 2, Huizhong Road, Taichung, 408, Taiwan

Second Market

If you’re in the mood for traditional Taiwanese breakfast, then Second Market is the place to go to in Taichung. Open since 1917, Taichung Second Public Market is a 7,000 square meter market with over fifty shops and three hundred stalls. There you’ll find all kinds of meat, produce, and spices, as well as multiple stands selling cooked food like baozi, noodles, lu rou fan, and black tea. As you can see from the long line of people below, it’s especially popular for breakfast.

Address: No. 87, Section 2, Sanmin Road, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan 400

Chun Shui Tang (Original Shop)

If you’re a fan of boba or bubble tea, then you absolutely must have one here at the original shop of Chun Shui Tang. It’s one of two Taiwanese establishments that have a legitimate claim as being the inventor of bubble tea. The other is Hanlin Teahouse in Tainan.

If you’ve never had boba before, it’s a Taiwanese drink which at its most basic is black tea, milk, sugar, and tapioca pearls. It was invented in Taiwan but it’s become hugely popular worldwide. There are countless varieties of boba today, including here at Chun Shui Tang, but I suggest going for the original pearl milk tea if it’s your first time here. It’s delicious and incredibly refreshing.

Address: No. 30 Siwei Street, Taichung, Taiwan

Fu Din Wang

I learned about Fu Din Wang when I was doing research for the best places to eat in Taichung. Not only was it mentioned in a few blog posts, but one article described this restaurant as the place to go to in Taichung for pork knuckle. Aside from braised pork knuckle, they also specialize in lu rou fan or braised pork rice. These are two of my favorite Taiwanese dishes so there was no way we weren’t eating here.

Address: No.560, Sec. 1, Taiwan Blvd., Central Dist, Taichung 400, Taiwan


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