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List of Best Places for Tea in Taipei

Bubble Tea Shop, Tea

The original Chun Shui Tang store in Taichung is said to be the birthplace of pearl milk tea back in the early 80s, so it’s understandable that its brand has grown in popularity in the years since. There are many locations throughout Taipei where customers can sample the original pearl milk tea of old or opt for one of the many variations on the extensive menu.

Address: 182 Nanjing East Road Section 4, Songshan Taipei, Taiwan

Hanlin Teahouse
Tea Room, Tea

Hanlin Teahouse is a Tainan-based company that now has branches all over the island. Some consider the original store in Tainan as the true creator of pearl milk tea, but Chun Shui Tang might have something to say about that. Nevertheless, Hanlin Teahouses are now full-fledged restaurants serving up traditional Taiwanese cuisine alongside an impressive variety of teas.

Address: 369 Zhongxiao East Road Section 7, Nangang Taipei, Taiwan

50嵐 (50 Lan)
Bubble Tea Shop, Tea

50 Lan is a chain of tea stores where customers can buy hot and cold drinks to go. This brand is a little more modern in its approach to this classic drink, and the menu and décor reflect this. Fruit teas are popular at 50 Lan, and every drink on the menu has the option of being served with tapioca balls. Affordable, cheerful, and a little different, 50 Lan is a nice alternative to traditional shops.

Address: 107-3 Keelung Road Section 2, Xinyi Taipei , Taiwan

Ten Ren's Tea
Bubble Tea Shop, Tea

Ten Ren’s Tea is one of the most popular tea shop chains in Taiwan. Its locations have a more traditional feel to them as they primarily sell boxes of tea. However, since the company has branched out into serving hot and cold drinks, it has become one of the most popular places for fans of traditional variations of pearl milk tea. You won’t find any strawberry milk latte bubble tea concoctions here, but the simple and straightforward teas that are served are very well made.

Address: 6 Zhongxiao East Road Section 5 , Xinyi Taipei, Taiwan

Kenting Dan Dan Milk Tea
Bubble Tea Shop, Tea

A store that breaks from the norm, Kenting Dan Dan Milk Tea has an interesting menu with some great options that you will not find anywhere else. Here the focus is more on the things added to the tea, such as toppings and flavored tapioca balls rather than the tea itself. Again, like 50 Lan, it’s a nice alternative to the original flavors of other popular tea shops.

Address: 60 Zhongxiao East Road Section 4, Daan Taipei, Taiwan

Yi Fang Fruit Tea
Bubble Tea Shop, Tea

Now, while pearl milk tea is often the most popular option, there’s no reason why it has to contain milk, especially during the hot summer months. Yi Fang Fruit Tea specializes in milkless fruit teas, which are incredibly tasty and refreshing. What could be better than a mango iced tea with pearls on a hot and humid day? We can’t think of much. For those who aren’t fans of milky drinks or strong tea flavors, this place is the best!

Address: 118 Wuchang Street Section 2, Wanhua Taipei, Taiwan

Chen San Ding
Bubble Tea Shop, Tea

Chen San Ding is a tea store located in the lively Gongguan neighborhood. Here students from the local university will queue up to get their hands on any drink from this shop. Like Kenting Dan Dan, this place has a few nice non-traditional options that include sweet pearls and less tea. In fact, you can even buy pure milk drinks with pearls.

Address: 2 Alley 8 Lane 316 Luosifu Road Section 3, Zhingzheng Taipei, Taiwan

This is one of the most famous teahouses in Taipei, a cultural landmark that feels like stepping into living history. The Japanese built the structure in the 1920s, and it was converted into a teahouse in the 1970s when revolutionary artists, intellectuals and political dissidents would covertly hold their meetings during the era of martial law.

Today it’s still buzzing with that intellectual vibe, and regularly holds art exhibitions, discussions, tea culture classes and performances of ancient musical instruments. Expect serenity as soon as you step into the leafy yard, don a pair of wooden sandals, cast your eyes over the poetic descriptions of teas, and settle into the tatami for a few hours.

Address: Address: Taipei, Xinsheng Road, Section 3, Lane 16, No. 1


Zen Zoo is one of our favorite spots, stroll around the nearby lake on a sunny day. Tea is served in a beautiful hodge-podge of Japanese handmade ceramics with that wabisabi feeling of poised, deliberate imperfection, the delicious Japanese-inspired desserts are impressively made from scratch, including matcha-flavour ice cream with red bean paste and handmade mochi. Set meals here are also divine, with a focus on local and traditional Taiwanese cooking styles. The decor is very zen-like, with places to sit on tatami mats, antique furniture and calming outdoor spaces. You can also indulge in some ceramic teaware sets and tea to take home.

Address: Taipei, Neihu District, Neihu Road, Section 2, Lane 103, No. 38.


If you’re in the mood to dive straight into history then the National Palace Museum is the place to go. Loaded up with year-round exhibits of treasures once lifted from Beijing’s Summer Palace by the Guomindang (KMT), this museum has more trinkets and artifacts than it can display at once, so they are constantly on rotation.

Step up top to the grandiose teahouse on the top floor, and you’ll not only be treated to delicious tea, dim sum snacks and Chinese food and desserts (go hungry, it’s a good menu!), but they also host regular performances of traditional instruments by beautifully decked-out women and stunning panoramic views of the nearby mountain scenery and architecture of the National Palace Museum. The teahouse is named after the wing of the Forbidden Palace where Emperor Qianlong kept three ancient scrolls.

Address: Taipei, Shilin District, Zhishan Road, Section 2, No. 221.

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