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Do you know that Mayana plant is good for cure of sore eyes and sinusitis?

There is only a small plant that is commonly seen in pots and backyard.  This plant is known by its characteristic  leaves with a distinctive color, green around the leaf, and purple on the central part.  The flowers are purple and grow in clusters.  Other types of Mayana herbs may be surrounded by fur.

The nutrients and chemicals that can be obtained in Mayana herbs is:

* Leaf - is available by alkaloids, saponin, flavanoids, tannin, volatile oil and quercetin.  The Mayana leaves are usually extracted and cultivated in certain body conditions.  It can also be seethe and boil to drink or to put into the eyes.

Some Diseases that can be cured by Mayana herbs

1. Strain - the strain can be obtained from the trapped root that can be also help by putting the extracted Mayana leaves on the affected part of the body.

2. Headache - the extracted Mayana leaves can be help in Headache by putting this on hair, forehead and sense.

3. Sore eyes - The irritation of the eye caused by sore eyes can be treated by dropping the boiling Mayana leaves of the affected eye.

4. Dyspepsia - for conditions of dyspepsia or difficulty digesting food, it can be drink the boiling Mayana leaves.

5. Sinusitis - The condition of sinusitis can be remedied by staining the leaves with fire.  The Mayana leaves are placed on the forehead and cheeks.

6. Wound - the leaf extract stains the bleeding wound, and then the  extracted Mayana leaves will put the wound.

Disclaimer: OFW Buddy and its article may contain general information relating to various medical conditions and their treatment. Such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitue for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified health care professional. Patients should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Patienst shoudl always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.

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