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Four individuals in Taiwan died allegedly due to Flu vaccine

 Taipei, Taiwan (October 28, 2020)-  Since the free vaccine had started there are four individuals who allegedly died in Taiwan, but the health authorities are not convinced because the casualties are elderly and had died due to chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases according to CECC.

Last Monday, there are around 4.3 million people who received the government-funded vaccine flue.

The CECC had advice the public for those who had taken and who will take the vaccine if they experience concerning symptoms like sustained fever for over 48 hours, difficulty breathing, or rapid heartbeat to immediately seek medical attention.

The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control has cautioned five types of people against getting an influenza vaccine:

-those with a fever or acute or serious health condition

-infants younger than six months old

-those who developed GBS within six weeks after a previous inoculation

-those allergic to eggs

-those advised after a medical assessment not to receive the vaccine


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