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Free NT$500 vouchers had been launched to boost domestic tourism in Taiwan


As the economy of Taiwan is stable despite of pandemic, but they cannot deny that the tourism industry is struggling, so to boost the tourism industry in the country, they have launch a new vouchers which everyone can avail including the foreign nationals.

The Central Taiwan Tourism Association had launched the "Safe Tour 2.0 Project" and "Safe Tour 2.0 Attack Accommodation vouchers" which invites the 500 hotel owners and operators across the country to participate on the said project which they estimated to draw 100,000 tourist who will stay in hotels.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Communications had launched the "peace of mind tourism" to revitalize the domestic economy as the international tourism had been much affected. So to help boost the domestic tourism, they have launched the "Safe Travel 2.0" program where in every one who will stays in hotels will be given a free vouchers worth NT$500. And it estimated to produced 10 million 500 Vouchers to be given away.

What are the Activity content?

1. Subsidy plan- NT$500 vouchers to be issued
2. Regardless of nationality, free travellers can use it.
3. Scope of application : covering 22 counties and cities in Taiwan, general hotels, guest houses, and tourist hotels.
4. Use time : November 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021.
5. Restrictions on use : There is no restriction on the number of times of use, and you need to book directly with the partner hotel.

How to avail?

1. Check the cooperative accommodations on the official website of the Safe Travel 2.0 Program

 2.  Make a reservation
Book rooms directly with participating operators, either by phone or on the official website of the hotel.

3. Log in
Go to the official website of " Safe Travel 2.0 " and fill in the " Check-in Form ", which contains basic information of the guest, stay date and location. Upon completion, you will receive an e-mail notification letter sent by the system.

4. Use email 
Present your e-mail to confirm your identity when you check in, and you will get a NT$500 accommodation fee.

◎Added value discount

Application is easier: just log in and report the check-in date and accommodation name after booking, without uploading any ID documents.

The discount can be superimposed : it can be used in conjunction with the government or local discounts. For example, the Taipei City Government subsidizes 800 yuan, with an attack coupon of 500 yuan, and the public can enjoy a discount of 1,300 yuan.

Can participate in the lottery : awards include iPhone 12, Nintendo Switch, 3000 yuan in cash, etc., as long as you log in on the official website and check in to get the lucky draw.


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